Monday, March 23, 2009

Let It Slide

Playground Slide
Oil pastel on cut and paste coloured paper
March, 2009

Leonardo da Piggy

Pink Pig
Crayon on brown cardboard
March, 2009

After Lulu finished this drawing she showed it to me and said it was for me.  
I asked her to sign it and after she did, she proceeded to write "To Daddy"
For whatever reason she wrote it so that when held to a mirror, the dedication reads correctly.
When I told her that Leonardo da Vinci also wrote that way, she, being four, of course said "Who?"

Two Lulu

Portraits of Lulu (left by Daddy, right by Lulu)
Blue pencil on paper

Lulu watched me do a quick sketch of her from a photo our friend Ken took.
After I finished, she took the pencil and copied my drawing.